At this page, I show my dealings with some pieces of Danish furniture I bought and worked on in order to restore them.

  • Boligens Byggeskabe (by Børge Mogensen and Grethe Meyer)
  • Fredericia BM 2254 ‘Runner chair’ (by Børge Mogensen)
  • Fredericia BM 2431 & 2430 Leather chair and hocker (by Børge Mogensen)
  • Fredericia 5391 & 5397 Side tables (by Søren Holst)
  • Fredericia BM 61 Dining chairs (by Børge Mogensen)

Boligens Byggeskabe

July 14th, 2016


General view on the Boligen Byggeskabe in two parts

Since December last year a lot has happened. I sold the BM 2257 Chair, and bought a BM 3233 back. Besides, I acquired three Jörgensen EJ-11 chairs and a set of side tables of Søren Holst. But these are not really ‘projects’.

My Boligens Byggeskabe however is. I recently bought it from someone who had taken it over from Danish friends. It had been stored for quite a while in a barn. Moreover, it has suffered quite badly in the course of time. Originally, it consisted of (probably) three parts,

– a small part, which is a bookcase (width: 55 cm)
– two broader parts, with doors (in Oregon Pine), 2 drawers.

However, some posts have been broken, the others are shabby, as well as most of the shelves, two flaps are missing and the backsides are badly damaged…

So it is time for restoration. The idea is as follows:
– to use one of the broader parts as donor. It enables me to choose the best parts as shelves and posts.
– to oil the posts (Oregon pine), which must improve their condition considerably.
– to repaint (in grey) the shelves and sides of the cabinet.

It is a time consuming project, I fear, but the cabinet seems worth it.


Damaged and shabby posts



Shabby shelves, the red color beneath this shelf is from one of the drawers

Below you can see the result of the restoration of the small part of the Boligens Byggeskabe. I’m quite satisfied with it.


The result (note the reflection of sunbeams)



Constructional detail


Difference between after (left) and before (right)

Eventually, all the work has been done. The result is fine, I would say.


Still empty


From another angle… Note the brass details which shine beautifully again!


The ensemble, with the BM 2254, the BM 3233, the side tables from Sören Holst and the EJ-11 chair from Erik Jörgensen

Finally: from the remaining elements I constructed a short decorative ladder. Just for fun…IMG_3245

BM 2254 ‘Runner Chair’

December 8th, 2015

In October 2015 I bought a Mogensen BM 2254 Runner Chair, produced by Fredericia. It is a very nice chair, but it had been mistreated with teakoil (yuk!…) So as a first step I sanded the chair and then soaped it. Besides I treated the straps with leather grease. I am not completely satisfied with the result, so I will probably treat it again.


The chair as I bought it. Note the dark colour of the armrests.


After sanding, before soaping


The soaped chair


The result after soap treatment

August 29th, 2017

After this I was not completely satifisfied. The oil had left its marks on the chair and the wood was not completely even in its color. At some places it was considerably darker. Finally, I decided to treat it again. First I sanded the chair again with a very fine grain (400). Then, I put on a very mild oil treatment with a damp cloth. The result is – according to me at least – very convincing. Here are some pictures:



In the spring of 2018 I sold the BM 2254 in order to buy two BM 61 dining chairs: a new project. See below!

BM 2431 and 2430

I bought this beautiful leather BM 2431 and the accompying 2430 in October 2016. I was prepared for the fact that they were used intensively. But when I first saw them, I was jolted.



After some research I treated them with leather grease. The result was good, the chair improved considerably. Below you see the result:

IMG_3556.JPGimg_3315Unfortunately however I had to sell the BM 2431 & 2430 soon after (in January 2017), because of lack of space in my room.

Søren Holst side tables

These side tables, designed by Søren Holst, produced by Fredericia, I bought on an auction at which I was – to my surpise – the highest bidder (with a pretty low bid…). Of course, I had seen pictures, but the tables did at first disappoint me a bit, chiefly because the top of the tables had obviously been sanded in contrary to the legs. The result was a very uneven patina.



That of course had to be restored… So, I treated both tables with oil, because the legs obviously had been treated with oil as well. Oil was never my favourite treatment, but I had not much of a choice. And I have to say the result is convincing. I used a bit too much oil at the top of the little table (5397), so it has become a little bit darker. However, the overall result is fine, as you can see.IMG_3269.JPG


BM 61 Dining chairs

In the spring of 2018 I bought two BM 61 dining chairs. These chairs were designed by Mogensen in 1957 and were originally produced by P. Lauritsen & Son, later by Fredericia Stolefabrik. I nowhere found information about the difference between the chairs produced by Lauritsen and Fredericia, but – as I figured out – there is a small difference indeed. (If you want to know more about this difference, please contact me). Anyway, my chair turns out to be produced by Fredericia. Since P. Lauritsen was taken over by Fredericia in 1980, it follows my chairs dates after 1980.

IMG_5292.JPGMay 29th, 2018

The chairs are really beautiful, as you can see. However, they were treated in the (recent?) past with a semi-transparant lacquer, which make them look darker, as if they are in teak. However, the wood that was used, is oak. Moreover, the lacquer was applied very sloppy (as you can see below). After a period of reflection, I have decided I will remove the lacquer by sanding them (with a very fine grain sanding paper [400]).


First chair done (sanded and treated with oil). Left chair treated, right chair not yet:


June 11th, 2018



Two chairs done. The result.