July 14th, 2016

General view on the Boligen Byggeskabe in two parts

Since december last year a lot has happened. I sold the BM 2257 Chair, and bought a BM 3233 back. Besides, I acquired three Jörgensen EJ-11 chairs and a set of side tables of Søren Holst. But these are not really ‘projects’.

My Boligens Byggeskabe however is. I recently bought it from someone who had taken it over from Danish friends. It had been stored for quite a while in a barn. Moreover, it has suffered quite badly in the course of time. Originally, it consisted of (probably) three parts,

– a small part, which is a bookcase (width: 55 cm)
– two broader parts, with doors (in Oregon Pine), 2 drawers.

However, some posts have been broken, the others are shabby, as well as most of the shelves, two flaps are missing and the backsides are badly damaged…

So it is time for restoration. The idea is as follows:
– to use one of the broader parts as donor. It enables me to choose the best parts as shelves and posts.
– to oil the posts (Oregon pine), which must improve their condition considerably.
– to repaint (in grey) the shelves and sides of the cabinet.

It is a time consuming project, I fear, but the cabinet seems worth it.

Damaged and shabby posts


Shabby shelves, the red color beneath this shelf is from one of the drawers

Below you can see the result of the restoration of the small part of the Boligens Byggeskabe. I’m quite satisfied with it.

The result (note the reflection of sunbeams)


Constructional detail
Difference between after (left) and before (right)

Eventually, all the work has been done. The result is fine, I would say.

Still empty
From another angle… Note the brass details which shine beautifully again!



The ensemble, with the BM 2254, the BM 3233, the side tables from Sören Holst and the EJ-11 chair from Erik Jörgensen


December 8th, 2015

In October 2015 I bought a Mogensen BM 2254 Runner Chair, produced by Fredericia. It is a very nice chair, but it had been mistreated with teakoil (yuk!…) So as a first step I sanded the chair and then soaped it. Besides I treated the straps with leather grease. I am not completely satisfied with the result, so I will probably treat it again.


The chair as I bought it. Note the dark colour of the armrests.
After sanding, before soaping
The soaped chair
The result