Ateljé Lyktan Supertube: Form follows Innovation


In the mid 1960’s former Philips’ design manager Anders Pehrson joined the Swedish company ateljé Lyktan. One of his first  designs (from 1967) for ateljé Lyktan was Supertube. In fact, it was an innovation of an existing tube lamp. Ongoing development enabled the extension of tube luminaires into long tracks. In particular, the application of connections in different sorts, be it straight, curved or angled,  made it possible to apply lighting tracks, that makes curves, rounds corners and changes direction. As the picture of a product brochure from the 1970’s shows, this feature was higlighted as a distinctive characteristic of the Supertube.

But there was more to this lamp. The luminaire could be turned through 360 degrees on its own axis, which means light could be directed up, down or to the sides. This was innovative as well. Moreover, Supertube was produced in a range of colours, as the beautiful picture of ateljé Lyktan’s factory hall shows. No wonder then, since Anders Pehrson’s watchwords becomes Form, Function, Colour and Family.


The well known slogan ‘Form follows Function’ applies to ateljé Lyktan’s Supertube. However, it seems even more apt to summarize it by saying: ‘Form follows Innovation’.

© Text: Qualitative Design



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