Mogensen 2431: Timeless Aristocracy


Børge Mogensen is well known for his dedication to ‘social furniture’. That is, furniture which was ment to fulfill the needs of ordinary people, be it furniture for storage, seating, dining or sleeping. He is also well known for his ‘high end furniture’. One could mention the famous Spanish chair, the Hunting chair or the 2213 sofa, which has been used all over the world in Danish embassies. This sofa was designed by Mogensen in 1963, along with a line of other chairs and sofas in leather.

The chair this post is devoted to, the 2431, is from a later date and less well known as – say – the 2204 or the 2207. No wonder perhaps, since its production (by Fredericia) started in 1975, three years after Mogensen’s death. Actually, the design of this chair is sometimes attributed to Peter Mogensen, Børge’s son, who worked with his father in the studio. However, I owed a 2431 myself (see the pictures below) and this chair seems to have been designed by Børge Mogensen himself. This is what the mark at the chair tells: ‘Design: Børge Mogensen’. This is important, because Fredericia explicitly tells us when it is different, as is the case with the 2334 and 2335, which are designed by Peter Mogensen (on the basis of Børge’s designs of the 2332 and 2333). Moreover, the 2381, the lower version of this chair (in fabric), was definitely designed by Børge Mogensen and produced from 1971. The 2431 shows also family resemblance with the 2192, the famous coupé sofa. After his death, thousands of drawings were found by the family. It is highly probable that the drawings of the 2431 were among these. It must have been one of his final designs. The chair was produced until 2012, the last part of its career under the name of 2331, available in fabric and leather.

In comparison with the designs of the 2204 and the 2207, the design of the 2431 has developed into a more austere direction, in line with other designs of his later furniture. The 2431 shares the aristocracy with the older designs and the superb quality of its materials. Mogensen was emphatic in his choice for leather from bulls, not from cows, since the structure of bull leather is tighter and stronger.




BM 2431


BM 2431

It’s a chair of timeless aristocracy! Don’t you agree?

Text: Qualitative Design


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