Woodlines Rug: the Art of Nature


Books about Scandinavian Furniture, like Andrew Hollingworth’s Danish Modern and Scandinavian Modern from Magnus Englund & Chrystina Schmidt (with wonderful pictures of Andrew Wood) are a great source of inspiration for me. Recently, the importance of rugs in some of the depicted interiors struck me.

A short exploration led me to a wonderful new rug: Woodlines, designed by Naja Utzon Popov. The name ‘Utzon’ may ring a bell with you, since her grandfather was Jørn Utzon, a Danish architect who designed the world famous Sydney Opera House in Australia. Naja Utzon Popov is a Danish sculptor, textile designer and ceramicist.

She designed these line of rugs for the Danish company Carl Hansen & Søn. In an interview with Elle Decor, she tells how the briefing with Knud Erik Hansen (Carl Hansen’s CEO) went. In fact, it was not much of a briefing, but actually a conversation. “We tried to find a common language of expression, to represent both our worlds in a way that could bring all the elements together as a whole.”

She did a wonderful job according to me, by listening in to the specific character of this company and the main material they work with: wood. She took her inspiration out of the structure of wood, its lines and the design of nature itself. The result is really striking! Unlike her other rugs, the design of Woodlines is not so much extravert, but rather introvert, breathing a wonderful tranquility.

In the same interview with Elle Decor she says: “[T]he design had to be simple, elegant, enhancing the furniture it had to converse with”. The last words are the most important, according to me. She deliberately puts her design at the service of the surrounding furniture, from Hans Wegner or Ole Wanscher for example. This makes it typical for the Danish design philosophy. The design of Woodlines, which is made of hand-knotted wool, doesn’t  draw attention to itself. It helps to create an atmosphere of balance and tranquility. It comes in three different formats: 80 x 220 cm | 170 x 240 cm | 200 x 300 cm and in five different colour combinations.



Photography: Carl Hansen & Søn

Woodlines: I really admire it!

© Text: Qualitative Design


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