Mogensen 3233: Sturdiness in Oak


Borge Mogensen was a very productive man. When he died, only 58 years old, he left thousands of sketches of furniture of all kinds. Sometimes however, his designs were variations on a theme. This is the case with this chair. It’s akin to his more well-known chair, the 2257. Both were designed in about the same period. Both were produced by Fredericia Stolefabrik. The proportions are quite similar as well, though not completely identical. This chair, the 3233, is a little bit broader than the 2257, but less deep instead. The effect is an increase of sturdiness. This surely is a robust chair.



Mogensen designed it in 1970, along with the 3232 (without armrests) as dining chair. The chair on the pictures is mine. It’s condition is completely original. Wow!

Update October 2016: I sold the 3233 in order to give room (quite literally) to the 2431 (with 2430) I could buy. It was a pleasure to have this chair.

© Text: Qualitative Design


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