Mogensen Coffee Table: Non Conformist

Mogensen Coffeetable - 264

Let me introduce this very beautiful coffee table to you. It is the 264, by Fredericia. Børge Mogensen designed another famous coffee table for Fredericia, the 5267 inspired by the Shaker’s. But the 264 is very different. The runner legs are the most spectacular element in this design. Mogensen loved runner legs, as is obvious in a couple of his chair designs. But, there is more to this table that makes it nonconformist. For example, the sheer proportions of the table (182cm x 56cm x 46cm), in particular its length, make it special. The shape of the tabletop is very striking as well. In short, this coffee table is very different. 

Mogensen CoffeetableMogensen Coffeetable - detailIt is a piece of art! Don’t you agree?

© Text: Qualitative Design


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