Mogensen 2257: Meet Modernism

Børge Mogensen is one of my favourite designers (although he would abhor the title ‘designer’, as he saw himself definitely as a craftsman). My first contribution on this blog was about his IMG_1866aRunner Chair, the BM 2254 (highback) & 2256 (lowback). These chairs date from 1956. More than a decade later, in 1968, Mogensen designed a similar pair of lounge chairs: the BM 2257 (lowback) and 2258 (highback), produced by Fredericia, just like the Runner Chairs.
In my first post I announced that I will buy a Runner Chair one day. That day hasn’t arrived yet. But…, two days ago I bought a very fine BM 2257. It is far less spectacular than the Runner Chair. It is not Mogensen’s best design either. But look at its rectangular lines: simple and clean. Its aesthetics is closely related to the aesthetics of the Shaker-inspired designs of Mogensen and Wegner, earlier in their careers.

In short, the chair breathes a beauty of simplicity and in this sense, it is a typical modernist chair. Besides, it offers excellent seating comfort, while it supports the back in exactly the right way. Moreover, its details are lovely and its quality is beyond suspicion. It’s a special chair!



Update February 2016: Recently I bought a Runner Chair and sold the BM 2257.

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